Tips On Caring For A Border Collie

For dog lovers, a perfect pet does not get any better than a Border Collie. Their superior energy level and fondness for people make them a joy to be around. In their natural element – the outdoors, they are a joy to watch. Additionally, they come in handy in farms that require herding. They tend to have superior herding skills which when combined with their vast reserves of energy, make them one of the best farm dogs to have.

However, constant caring for a Border Collie is required if you aim to have a happy, and healthy companion. Herein are some tips to help you decide whether a border collie is for you.

The Diet

The diet of the dog is one of the most important aspects of caring for a border collie. Border collies require a special diet for a healthy being. Typically, since they are energetic dogs, their diet should be structured to provide the right amount of calories for the dog to use during the day. Additionally, you should also take note of the fact that the dog tends to have thick coats which are directly influenced by their diets. To keep it looking smooth and shiny, you need to give the dog a well-balanced diet.

Ideally, the diet should be well balanced with types of food including proteins, vitamins, essential oils, vegetables, and moisture. While purchasing the dog food, you should make sure that the quality of food is high and free of chemicals, toxins and harmful preservatives.

Exercising Needs

This is one of the most important parts of caring for Border Collies. The dog has a tremendous amount of energy that it needs to spend. In fact, to stay healthy, the Border Collies need to exercise as often as possible.

To this end, you should make arrangements to have your dog exercise as often as possible. If you have a farm, you should have the dog accompany you during the day instead of leaving it behind. If you have kids you should let the kids play with the dog as both parties will be thrilled. Playing games with the dog lets you exercise the dog and at the same time keep its mind occupied.

You should also consider purchasing dogs toys that the Border Collie can play with on its own. Such toys include kongs, which can last very long and withstand repeated abuse.


Among the many species of dogs, Border Collies are some of the most grooming intensive dogs that you can have. Due to the thick coat, regular brushing and combing are mandatory. To this end, you should stock dog combs and brushes, especially the ones that can handle long hair. Bathing should be done only when necessary, especially when the dog is shedding its soft undercoat.

Veterinary Care

Finally, you should schedule vet appointments every once in a while. Since Border Collies are highly active dogs, they tend to be prone to injuries and other ailments. It is thus important to ensure that the dog’s health is optimal. Whenever you notice a sudden dip in the energy levels of the dog, it is probably a good time to see the vet.

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