Understanding Your Border Collie For Better Care

Border Collies have helped man develop the modern society that we have today. In the years past where the majority of tasks were done manually, the Border Collie was there to help humans in his endeavors. Be it on the farms, in war, in the herding fields, in hunting, as a sled dog and more importantly as a companion. Border Collies have been a permanent fixture in human development and existence.

With this in mind, it is important to take your time to understand this beautiful and awesome dog, especially if you have one in your household, or you plan to add one to your family.

Understanding Your Border Collie – Their Physical Characteristics

Border collies have over the years adapted to living life as a farm dog. In this regard, much of the physical characteristics are attuned to make it easy to thrive in farm lands. For instance, they have a pair of hypersensitive ears. This makes their hearing very sensitive to the slightest sound, making it easier to hear the noise of a distressed sheep while herding, or the calls of their owners.

In contrast to the quiet farm life, urban settings bombard Border Collies with a constant stream of noise which can stress them. You should, therefore, think of protecting the dog from excessive noise. For instance, you should set up its sleeping place in areas of the house where there is little noise.

Border Collies are also hyperactive dogs, mainly stemming from running around in the herding fields for centuries. Herding hundreds of sheep is no mean feat and requires much running. Since Border Collies have generally been used in such environments, they have developed a tendency and liking to running around. Even in today’s urban environments, they still retain this characteristic of being hyperactive. It is, therefore, important to accord your Border Collie a chance and an environment to engage their hyperactive nature, lest they develop aggressive and unwanted behaviors. You should let the dog run around in the backyard while playing with toys.

Understanding Your Border Collie – Their Psychological Characteristics

They are not well adapted to physical setting changes. Historically, Border Collies have spent the majority of their time in defined spaces and physical setting where the house and the farmlands are the same and never changing. In this regard, Border collies did not acquire adaptive skills make it easy to adapting to changes in their physical setting. In an urban area, change is constant, which leaves the Border Collies somewhat vulnerable to stress. This can cause undesirable behaviors. To remedy this, you should try as much as possible to maintain the same physical setting around your house. When you take the dog for a walk, be sure to take it to the same environment which your dog is familiar with.

Border collies have historically been surrounded members of their species. They are thus accustomed to being only around dogs with the same behaviors as theirs. In the modern urban environments where they are surrounded by very many different species, there are possibilities of being stressed. To remedy this, you should minimize their exposure other dogs, especially dogs that are overly aggressive and threatening.

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